KAMRA Inlay – What to Expect & Recovery

The Kamra Inlay Procedure

The KAMRA® inlay procedure generally takes under 20 minutes. Numbing drops are used to ensure comfort, although (for only a few seconds) you may feel slight pressure while the doctor uses laser technology to create an opening in the cornea. The inlay is then placed in this opening. When the numbing drops wear off, your eyes may feel irritated or scratchy, and you may also experience tearing or light sensitivity. This is normal. Your doctor will provide medications to help you manage these symptoms.

Kamra Inlay Recovery

Healing is a process that varies by patient, as well as the degree of improvement to vision and the amount of time required for recovery. Patients will see an improvement in their vision anywhere from a week to a month, while others require additional time to heal. Individuals often resume normal activities and return to work within 24-48 hours and, as with any procedure, following your doctor’s instructions and suggestions for recovery will accelerate progress.To enhance your recovery and near vision improvement, you should:

  1. Avoid using reading glasses
  2. Use your medications as prescribed by your doctor
  3. Keep your follow-up appointments with your doctor

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