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Dr. Schnipper’s Philosophy

Dr. Schnipper’s philosophy at Jacksonville Eye Center is that no matter your age, you can have youthful vision! Using advanced technology, Dr. Schnipper’s goal is to provide his patients the best possible (optimal) vision at every age. Dr. Schnipper will determine which method of vision correction works best for you depending on your age group.

  • Kids up to age 17 – For children and teenagers, Dr. Schnipper will suggest either glasses or contacts for vision correction.
  • Ages 17-44 – LASIK is the best option for people in this age range.
  • Ages 45-60 – For these adults, Dr. Schnipper may suggest LASIK Laser Vision Correction, KAMRA Inlay, or Refractive Lens Exchange.
  • Ages 60+ – For seniors, Cataract Surgery may be the best option. Dr. Schnipper will also discuss a variety of IOL (intraocular lens) options.

To determine which method of vision correction option is best for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Robert I. Schnipper at Jacksonville Eye Center. During your consultation, Dr. Schnipper will do a thorough examination and discuss all of your options. Contact or call us at 904-355-5555 for more information.

About Dr. Robert I. Schnipper & Jacksonville Eye Center

We have provided excellent eye care services for the greater Jacksonville area for over 30 years. We are proud to offer a very broad range of advanced surgical procedures for our patients. With the latest advancements and technology in vision care available at the Jacksonville Eye Center, there has never been a better time to visit us and find out more about your eye care options. Learn more and watch our video! Jacksonville Eye Center is proud to be the leader in LASIK surgery in Jacksonville, Florida and the Southeast. Having performed countless LASIK procedures using the Allegretto Wave and blade-free IntraLase technology, Dr. Schnipper and Jacksonville Eye Center have earned a prestigious reputation for its success in LASIK. Affordable payment plans put the latest in laser within reach of everyone. See what you’ve been missing with laser vision correction. Have Questions? Contact us at 904-355-5555 for more information.

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About Robert I. Schnipper, M.D.

Pioneer, teacher, advisor, eye physician, and board-certified LASIK specialist, Dr. Schnipper has been a leader in ophthalmology in Northeast Florida for more than 25 years. He founded the Jacksonville Eye Center in 1972 with a commitment to continually improve his patients’ lives with the safest, most accurate procedures, and he continues to bring leading-edge technology to this region.

His reputation has spread far beyond Jacksonville, and patients often come from great distances for his consultation and care, while eye surgeons from around the world travel here to learn his advanced techniques.

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