Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome

What Is Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome?

Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome generally occurs to individuals as part of the natural aging process. As we age, and typically as we enter our 40’s and 50’s the lens of the eye begins to weaken, causing close vision to begin to fail. This vision disorder is also known as presbyopia. To correct close vision, many turn to reading glasses to perform activities such as reading the newspaper. Another vision problem that occurs as we age is due to changes in the proteins that make up the natural lens of the eye. This change causes the lens become yellowed rather than clear. This makes vision appear cloudy and colors begin to have lens contrast.

At Jacksonville Eye Center, we see patients with Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome every day. It is common and will happen to most as we age. Many patients come in seeking vision correction such as LASIK. While LASIK may be an option for some, due to age, other treatments may be more suitable.

Treatment Options for Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome:

Symfony® IOL

The brand new Symfony® IOL was designed specifically with presbyopia in mind. The Symfony® IOL is the only intraocular lens on that market with the power to correct presbyopia.

The Symfony® IOL improves vision by completely replacing the natural lens of the eye. As we age, this natural lens becomes less flexible, causing presbyopia. By replacing the lens with a new, flexible and completely clear lens, both near vision and distance vision are improved.

The Symfony® IOL can be used during cataract surgery to replace a cataract-affected lens, or during a refractive lens exchange, which replaces the presbyopia-affected lens.

Acutarget OSI

The AcuTarget HD is a four-in-one device that aids in diagnostics and surgical planning. The AcuTarget has proven very helpful in not only providing information about the quality of your vision through OSI, but also aids in ensuring great surgical outcomes.

When a patient comes in for LASIK in their mid 50s, Dr. Schnipper does an AcuTarget OSI (ocular scatter index) scan. The OSI score tells Dr. Schnipper about the quality of the patient’s vision. When the OSI reading is a 1.0 or higher, Dr. Schnipper will recommend a Symfony® IOL refractive lens exchange. This will be much more effective than LASIK.

Clear Lens Extraction / Refractive Lens Exchange

With this procedure, the natural dysfunctional lens is removed and replaced with a premium lens. Your surgeon will help determine the best premium lens for your individual needs. To learn more about premium lenses at Jacksonville Eye Center click here. This procedure is identical to cataract surgery and will eliminate the need for cataract surgery later in life. It allows patients to have clear vision at all distances without having to wait to be diagnosed with a cataract. If cataract formation is found, a traditional cataract surgery may be performed. Your surgeon will work closely with you to determine your needs when you have a comprehensive evaluation.


Recently approved by the FDA is the Kamra Inlay. This new procedure offers those suffering from dysfunctional lens syndrome to improve their near vision / reading vision. This advanced lens is implanted into one cornea allowing for that eye to have greater depth of focus, which improves near vision while also maintaining distance vision. To learn more about the KAMRA Inlay click here. Dr. Robert Schnipper at Jacksonville Eye Center is pleased to be among the first in Florida to provide this technology – right here in Jacksonville!

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