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Other Vision Correction Options

Have you been told in the past that you are not a candidate for LASIK Laser Vision Correction? With the advancements in vision correction technology, you may now be a candidate!  There are also many other vision correction options that are available at the Jacksonville Eye Center for those who cannot have LASIK or prefer another vision correction method. Click the links below to learn about your vision correction options.

Do I have Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome?

Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome generally occurs to individuals as part of the natural aging process.  As we age, and typically as we enter our 40's and 50's the lens of the eye begins to weaken, causing close vision to begin to fail.  This vision disorder is also known as presbyopia.  To correct close vision, many turn to reading glasses to perform activities such as reading the newspaper.  Another vision problem that occurs as we age is due to changes in the proteins that make up the natural lens of the eye.  This change causes the lens become yellowed rather than clear.  This makes vision appear cloudy and colors begin to have lens contrast. 

At Jacksonville Eye Center, we see patients with Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome every day.  It is common and will happen to most as we age.  Many patients come in seeking vision correction such as LASIK.  While LASIK may be an option for some, due to age, other treatments may be more suitable.

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